Who gets most value from a Strategic Financial Partner?

Business owners who:

  • Feel anxiety and stress about the position of the business.
  • Don't have the in house resource to manage the finances.
  • Love looking at the big picture and ideas, not so much the detail. 
  • Who have ambitions for the business requiring investment, growth and change.  

Who gets the most value from FacePalm FD as their Strategic Financial Partner? 

Assuming you tick the boxes above and you're definitely going to take action, then you need to decide who is the right partner for you.

The people who get the most value from FacePalm own 6 and 7 figure businesses and tend to have similar traits:

Action takers

Innovators in their industry

High expectations

Straight to the point and appreciate straight talking

Open to improving their financial controls and processes

Quick to respond and treat our requests for information as a priority

Understand the value of proper financial business information

Would you want to work with a faceless Strategic Financial Partner who has hundreds of clients who they never speak to and don't know their business inside out? Probably not. That's why we'd love to know more about you and your business, and it all starts with the discovery call. 

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