The C-Word

Covid-19 has hit us all pretty hard in one way or another, and your previously very successful and cash rich business may have taken a turn for the worst.

Perhaps you’ve been asking for answers from your Bookkeeper or Accountant, like “how much money do I have?”, “how much money have I made this month?”, “how much do my customers owe?” and “how much do I owe to my suppliers?” and you might have got incredibly woolly or incorrect answers, or even not managed to get an answer at all.

It’s times like these that you need those answers and you need them to be correct.

You’re a business owner. You’re great at what you do but you may not know how, or may not want to do the financial side of things. If the above is happening, then your Accountant or Bookkeeper may also be struggling to help you through this period and it’s not fair on you or them to expect them to be able to.

If any or multiple of the following have happened to you, then read on as we may have the solution:

  • Your sales have dropped.
  • Your cash is running out fast.
  • You’ve racked up some debt.
  • You’re struggling to get answers on the position of your business from your Accountant or Bookkeeper.

To be clear, you need to act fast. You need visibility. Just because your Bookkeeper or Accountant tells you they have everything under control, it doesn't mean they have, so don't bury your head in the sand.

Your sales might be increasing again, but you’ve got a backlog of problems to sort out, so you can’t spend money or run your business like you did previously, at least not until you’re completely out the other side.

If you act quickly, then all is not lost, but the longer you leave it the worse the chances of survival are, and pride doesn’t pay the bills.

If you do want to keep your current Bookkeeper and/ or Accountant, that’s fine, but let’s get this issue sorted first so that you all have a job to do in the first place.

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Short Term Turnaround

13 Aug 2020