The FacePalm Outsourced Finance Team

Most people hire a bookkeeper to do the data entry on a regular basis, and then they have an accountant that they see at the end of the year.

This is usually when they find out how much profit they’ve made and how much tax they have to pay. How frustrating to get to the end of the year and find out that you haven’t put enough money to one side OR even more annoying, that you could have given yourself a pay rise, or bought that “thing” you wanted but thought you couldn’t afford, like a new employee…

What if there was a different way? Well there is – it’s the FacePalm FD way.

For a start, we use Xero so all your accounts are online where you can see them any time you want – even when you can’t sleep at 4am wondering if that pain in the bum customer actually paid you or not.

No more wondering whether stuff’s going to be delivered because your bookkeeper was off sick at month end so you didn’t get the invoice, or if you’ve got enough cash in the bank to pay your team.

Maybe you’re curious as to which one of your two highest paying customers is actually paying the most, how much that project actually cost you.  Well the FacePalm FD way means there’s no more guessing or writing the answers on the back of a beer mat.

We insist our bookkeeping is done correctly, in house, by our own team because we know it has to be accurate if you want to produce some meaningful reports to see how your business is performing.

And just in case you’re still not sure you’re getting the information you need to be able to make informed decisions on what’s best for business, you get someone to mull your ideas over with.  No more having to do everything on your own.

Better than all that, you don’t even have to leave the office, it’s all done online – and don’t worry we’ll make sure everything gets set up so you don’t have to fiddle with thingymebobs and oojimaflips. You might have to plug a cable in, but probably not.

Here’s what you get:

  • Monthly bookkeeping with data in the correct boxes so you can see your profit each month.
  • A set of management accounts each month, in the format of your choosing (not just an export from the Accounts system that has thousands of numbers in no particular order that makes you want to “facepalm” while looking at it!).
  • Quarterly virtual (online) business review meetings, where we talk you through the numbers, what they’re telling you and what you can do to improve your profitability and financial health.
  • Consulting Calls with our highly skilled team, who will talk you through how to read your management accounts to enable you to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Managed Year-End process, ensuring your Accountant gets what they need to save you the most tax possible, or if you are missing an Accountant, we’ll manage that too with one of our very skilled and fabulous partners (we recognise there are dedicated tax accountants who are better at it), but we know what to look for and we know some people who are amazing at it.


The devil is in the detail, and it’s so important to make sure the detail is correct and that’s why we’ll do it for you, for a monthly investment starting from £679 + VAT.

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