How do I pay you?

We aim to make life as easy as possible for you. Therefore, our fees are generally fixed at the same price each month (unless in very special circumstances). 

We ask for 50% payment upfront in the first month, and then the 50% upon review of the first month, when we've both agreed that we're happy to continue the relationship. 

Thereafter, we will take payment automatically by Direct Debit each month until you say "stop, hammer time". 

Is there a minimum term?

Because we often have quite a large project at the start of the relationship to make sure all the data in your accounts system is correct, we have a minimum term of 3 months in order for the relationship to start forming in the way it will work going forwards. We do suggest that after 6 months all the initial feet finding should be fully completed, but we're not interested in tying people into long contracts that they are unable to get out of - we keep our clients because they want to stay, not because they have to! :)  

What happens after I request my discovery call?

In order to request the discovery call, you'll have had to fill in a short survey about you, your business and what you're looking for from the relationship. 

From there, we'll review your answers and work out whether we think we can help you and provide the value that we strive to provide to our clients. If we don't think we can, then we'll be in touch with a potential introduction to one of our fabulous contacts that we think will be able to help you better than us. 

If we think we can help, then we'll get you booked onto a discovery call with Annie, in which she will ask further questions about your goals, current situation and where you're heading. 

If, during this process, you decide you want to work with us and vice versa, we'll get your details added on our end, get all of the legal bits we need to do done (Anti-Money Laundering checks etc), and then we get to work on helping you make your business the most awesome business it can be!

When will I get my Management Information?

We'll discuss this during your discovery call and come up with monthly and / or quarterly deadlines that work for both of us, however the first month or so can often require a lot of catch up or tidy up work on your accounts, so we ask for patience from you during this period. It's really worth it though!!