Case studies

This section is made up of a few stories from my (Annie) career, with the aim of providing some insight into how I work and what we can do for businesses of all sizes. 

I’ve removed the names from the stories so as to protect the innocent, and focus more on the problem and the solution, rather than the name of the brand. 

My pet peeve is the phrase “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. If you always do what you’ve always done, then you will always get what you’ve always got. This does not facilitate growth, or movement in the forward direction. I believe that the best course of action is always a simple solution to a problem, often hiding in plain sight but missed due to fear of change or the unknown. I’ve seen the effects that the right kind of change can have and really love using my experience to facilitate it. 

If any of these stories sound familiar, it would be wonderful to hear from you! 

Company A

Company A, as we refer to them. What to say about Company A. It all began when an Accountant contact of ours asked us to go in and get a finalised Trial Balance for their Year End Statutory Accounts.

From a crashing loss... to racing toward profit

My time at an F3 racing team was an interesting one. The previous finance manager had been in the business 10 years and was not an experienced manager.

From a proper old pickle...

This client is another favourite of mine. The business owner had plans to increase profit from USD 2m to USD 2.5m whilst reducing costs.

From FacePalm To (Almost) FistPump

It’s not often (although more often than I’d like to admit) that I see a business who couldn’t have got things anymore wrong if they’d tried. This case study is about one of those businesses.

Lessons in all kinds of places

I was brought in to act as FD for two businesses owned by the same man. One was e-commerce and the second a manufacturing business.

Streamline... then out

I, Annie, have always been a stickler for making a job as streamlined as possible. One large supplier of party products I went into are a perfect example of that.

They say you shouldn't have favourites

They say you shouldn’t have favourite clients, but we all do, and this business is one of my personal favourites.