What's your happiness score?

From 1 to 10 (1 being "kill me now" and 10 being "I will dropkick anyone who bursts my bubble"), what's your happiness score in your business on the following:

1. Money & profit: Have you got enough of it? Can you do what you want with it? Are you stressing about meeting payroll every month?

2. Time: Are you spending too much time on stupid things that you don't want to do but that you think no one else can do? Are you working evenings and weekends to get stuff done? Have you got the right processes and systems in place to get things done in the least amount of time? Could you drop everything and take a week off if you wanted to?

3. Staff: Have you got the right staff in the right places? Are you having to micromanage them? Do they promote the kind of business you want to have or do you want to dropkick one of them on a regular basis?

If you answered less than 7 for 1 or more of those, why? What are you doing to bring it up to where it should be to create the life you want to live? How will it feel when you get there?

The FacePalm FD GROWTH method was created to help business owners like you have more wealth, time and happiness.

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