Quick FacePalm FD tips:

Revenue/ Sales and Turnover all mean income into your business.

Revenue streams are the different categories in which you receive income.

E.g. an estate management/ construction business might have revenue streams:
- Construction
- Landscaping
- Maintenance

From these you might have recurring revenue (monthly income for a job) - i.e. you carry out weekly landscaping at a property and you invoice the client for this each month) and then project based (one off building projects).

It's important to know where your revenue is coming from in order to know where to focus your efforts. You might have a small service that leads into bigger projects, or a service that you're offering and spending money on advertising but that no one is buying and is just distracting you from what is working.

If you don't split out your revenue streams at the bookkeeping level and use the information to make better decisions (in order to put more money into your pocket) how will you know where to focus your effort?

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