Quick FacePalm FD tips: Critical business data doesn't stop with financials!

Myth 1: The only data in your business is the financial stuff.

Myth 2: A good Finance Team would only be looking at the financial stuff.

Neither of these two are true.

Last week I spoke about turnover and profit. Those are only two main bits of data you can use to measure performance.

Your business has a HUGE amount of data that can and should be used to build a better business for you, your staff and your clients.

If you've ever run a marketing campaign, did you monitor the results? Did it noticeably increase sales, by how much?
If you've ever sold to anyone, did you ask how they found the experience, what they liked and, more importantly, what they didn't like?
If you have staff, have you asked them what they think of the company, what improvements they'd make and where they think you fall short?
What's your happiness score as a business owner? Are you drowning in your business and not sure how to get some air?

How can you know how far you have to go to reach your goals if you don't know where you are currently? Only once you measure these sorts of things with actual data (rather than gut feel) can your business move forward.

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