What's your happiness score?

From 1 to 10 (1 being "kill me now" and 10 being "I will dropkick anyone who bursts my bubble"), what's your happiness score in your business on the following:

14 Jul 2020

Quick FacePalm FD tips: How to read a Profit & Loss statement in just over 3.5 minutes.

Ever had a set of Management Accounts or Financial Statements at the end of the month (hopefully) or at the end of the year (not so good?) and wondered what the bloody hell they mean? Well here it is in little more than 3.5 minutes.

07 Jul 2020

Quick FacePalm FD tips: Critical business data doesn't stop with financials!

Your business has a HUGE amount of data that can and should be used to build a better business for you, your staff and your clients.

01 Jul 2020

Quick FacePalm FD tips: Let's talk about profit

Profit happens as a RESULT of building a better business.

19 Jun 2020

Quick FacePalm FD tips: Revenue/ Sales and Turnover

Quick FacePalm FD tips: Revenue/ Sales and Turnover all mean income into your business. Revenue streams are the different categories in which you receive income.

15 Jun 2020

How construction businesses can conserve cash

https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2020/06/08/over-a-third-of-firms-down-to-less-than-3-months-cash/ A study by the ONS has revealed that around 35% of construction firms are down to under 3 month’s cash reserves, of which 5.2% are down to under 1 month, following the pandemic lockdown.

10 Jun 2020

My Mental Health Story

This week is mental health awareness week and in all honesty I’ve been putting off posting this. I’m not going to post something that turns into some sort of sales message or business promotion or whatever, because this subject is very real, and very close to my heart.

21 May 2020


Are you sitting at your computer thinking “it’s Friday. Yay”, and then realising that there is no “Yay” to Fri-yay for you because you forgot what the word “weekend” means about 3 years ago, maybe more?

15 May 2020

What’s the point in a Strategic Financial Partner (SFP) / Virtual Finance Director?

Something we often hear when speaking to another business is “well I was paying my last bookkeeper half what you charge”. I then explain to them why we are not their last bookkeeper, we are not JUST bookkeepers at all.

17 Apr 2020